Domino’s Tummy Translator App turns Rumbles into Recommendations

Domino’s Pizza has launched Tummy Translator, an app that helps users choose from the brands’ menu by translating their stomach rumbles into ingredient recommendations. Based on the fictional ‘Gastro-Acoustic-Enterology’ technology, the app lets customers truly let their gut decide their idea order. Developed by creative innovation network Iris, the campaign hopes to drive awareness of Domino’s extensive menu range and fresh ingredients. “At Domino’s we like to push the barriers of innovation – and also, give our consumers little moments of joy along the way,” said Rupal Patel, digital campaign manager at Domino’s. “This is a tongue-in-cheek way of demonstrating the wide range of choice available – and making ordering your pizza a bit more interesting! “On average 62 per cent of our orders come in through online, and 50 per cent of those are mobile orders. The Tummy Translator is a way of us engaging with those users in a fun, unique and entertaining way.” The app, which is available on iOS and Android, lets users choose it they are ‘Peckish, Nibbly, Hungry or Famished’, and can identify over 500 ingredients and choices available on the Domino’s menu. The app isn’t the first time we’ve seen some innovative mobile technology from pizza brands. In December 2014, Pizza Hit introduced its ‘Subconscious Menu’ which used eye-tracking technology to identify which ingredients customers were craving.

[via Mobile Marketing Magazine]

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